Curcumin Colour

imgCurcumin is the principle pigment of turmeric, a spice that is obtained from the rhizomes of Curcuma longa. Obtained by extraction from the plant to produce an oleoresin which is then purified, curcumin provides a bright, strong yellow shade in solution.

imgIt is an oil soluble pigment that is available in convenient water dispersible forms that are used in a wide range of foods. Curcumin is extremely heat stable and may generally be used in products throughout the acid pH range.

Curcumin gives out a very intense colour with bright yellow appearance even at low doses. It can be used in Dairy Products, Flour Confectionery, Sugar Confectionery, Frozen Products, Dry Mixed and Savoury Products.

Product Range :

  • Curcumin Colour Powder – Water Soluble – 5 %
  • Curcumin Colour Powder – Oil Soluble – 5 %
  • Curcumin Colour Liqiud - Water Soluble - 5 %
  • Curcumin Colour Liqiud - Oil Soluble - 5 %